Start Offering Allergy Immunotherapy at Your Practice

Feb 5, 2024

Why is traditional allergy care so inconvenient and ineffective?

Primary Care providers are often the first phone call patients make when a health issue arises, and allergy symptoms are no exception. 

Over half of Americans tested positive for at least one allergen during a recent study, but most Primary Care physicians don’t have the resources within their office or clinic to provide treatment to those patients beyond prescribing antihistamines — which are really just masking symptoms instead of treating the root allergy — or referring them to an Allergist — which can be inconvenient and ineffective for the patient.

Despite a 35% increase in Americans suffering from allergies since 2000, the number of Allergists available to see and treat patients is declining by 7% each year. There simply aren’t enough specialists to see the patients who need help, leading to long wait times for appointments and patients who are unable to stick with recommended treatment regimens. 

When we started Allercare, we knew there had to be a better way. A way that would improve access to effective allergy testing and treatment without putting significant amounts of additional work on physicians’ plates. And so, Allercare was born. 

Read on to learn more about Allercare’s simple, safe, and effective approach to allergy care and how Primary Care offices and clinics can benefit from offering the program to patients. 

Allercare 101: How we help Primary Care providers increase profits and patient engagement

Allercare is a first-of-its-kind program that took the mail-order meal kit concept and applied it to healthcare. We partner with Primary Care, ENT, and other specialty healthcare clinics and provide them with everything they need to test and treat their patients’ seasonal allergies within their practice using allergy immunotherapy

So, how does it work? There are five main steps in the journey to a full-fledged allergen immunotherapy program: 

  • Identify: You will screen and interview your patients so that you can identify those who would be a good fit for allergy immunotherapy. 
  • Test: With Allercare’s quick and simple fingerstick blood test or with skin prick testing we help you pinpoint the specific allergens that your patient is sensitive to and determine their eligibility for allergy immunotherapy.
  • Order: Based on the patient’s test results and symptom history, you will order a highly customized treatment plan that will be delivered right to the office for administration.
  • Mix: Our kits are assembled in our USP 797 pharmacy and sent with clear mixing instructions, so you can mix the customized therapy right in your office. 
  • Treat: Finally, you will schedule the patient for treatment based on the recommended treatment schedule. 

We’ve intentionally designed our program to be as simple as possible for providers to implement so they can start identifying new allergy patients immediately and provide customized treatment quickly. 

Benefits of Allercare for Primary Care Clinics

For allergy sufferers, the benefit of Allercare is simple: improved access to more effective allergy care with a doctor they already know and trust. But, what about the benefits for providers? It really boils down to three main advantages:

  1. Improved patient engagement & loyalty: We know that more and more patients are seeking a new way to manage their allergy symptoms, and when they can get that long-term relief from their own Primary Care physician, they are more likely to remain a patient for longer.
  2. Increased revenue & profits for your practice: By treating their patients in-house, Primary Care physicians can generate additional revenue. Providers using Allercare’s solution could generate an additional $240,000 in profit per year by treating just one patient per day.
  3. Helping patients improve quality of life: 80% of patients indicate that allergies negatively affect their quality of life, and by improving access to allergy immunotherapy, Primary Care providers can have an even larger impact on their patients’ lives. 

Ready to help your patients conquer their allergy symptoms once and for all? Let’s talk.

We aim to make deploying Allercare within your office or practice as seamless and straightforward as possible, and we’d love to share more about our solution with you. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Allercare’s innovative allergy testing & treatment program can help you improve patient loyalty and profits with very little upfront investment, reach out to us today.