Allergy Tips

Can You Have Allergies in the Winter?

“But, it’s winter. Shouldn’t my allergy symptoms be gone?” If you struggle with seasonal allergies, you may dream of the winter months when you’re given a break from the consistent runny nose and itchy eyes. After all, unless you live in a very warm area, there are...

Allergy Drops

What Are Allergy Drops?

Have you heard of allergy immunotherapy?  Many allergy sufferers go their whole lives simply masking their allergy symptoms without addressing the underlying cause of those symptoms: the allergy itself. But, in the same way you might take antibiotics to treat...


What is Immunotherapy for Allergies?

Antihistamines are not the long-term solution for allergies If you struggle with seasonal allergies, you’ve probably grown accustomed to popping an antihistamine in the morning to mitigate your stuffy nose, itchy eyes, or other symptoms. And, while antihistamines...